Handeze® 3/4 Length Gloves (Pair)

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Sizing (hand measurement in inches)
X-small: 2 – 2 1/2
Small: 2 9/16 to 3 1/16
Medium: 3 1/8 to 3 9/16
Large: 3 5/8 to 4 1/8
X-Large: 4 3/16 to 4 5/8

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Handeze 3/4 Length Gloves Just like the original Handeze gloves with more material to cover 3/4 of the fingers. Perfect for people with swelling and stiffness in the fingers.

6 reviews for Handeze® 3/4 Length Gloves (Pair)

  1. Customer Review

    I love these gloves, they really help with my hand pain. I am a multiple repeat customer and will continue to be so.

  2. Customer Review

    Last year I bought a pair of the ¾ fingered gloves in a size XS. They were great at the wrist, but the fingers were a little tight. So, I bought a pair in size S; the fingers are very comfortable but there is no real support at the wrist. I wish I could combine the two pair.

  3. Customer Review

    Great product. The material is thin enough to feel comfortable when typing and the fabric covering fingers is long enough, just how I wanted it. I bought this because when typing, my hands and wrists always get cold and these gloves solve that problem for me perfectly. Many thanks.

  4. Vickie McDonald

    I have been wearing these off and on for 15 years. Originally could only find them in singles, then finally in pairs. Often, I layer them for added warmth and they are great for “no pain while sleeping”! I have both fingerless and 3/4/ finger styles and choose what works best for the task I am doing. They machine was well. No shrinkage!

  5. Lois C Thomas

    these support gloves keep my hands warm

  6. Lois C Thomas

    these gloves keep my hands warm

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