Healit Health&Fitness ShieldGrip


Self-adhering compression wrap
that supports muscles & joints from impact.

For those who are always looking for the next race to run, extreme activity to try or workout to test, injuries can pile up fast. If you are prone to an array of aches, sprains and tweaks, the best thing you can do is protect your joints from getting any worse. Compression is imperative for helping to heal existing injuries, while protecting from future ones. Our compression systems enhance blood flow by applying sustained pressure to affected areas, while keeping your muscles and joints warmer, more flexible and less likely to sustain an unexpected injury.

Our ShieldGrip™ product is a self-adhering compression wrap that supports muscles and joints, while protecting them from impact and excessive movement. It is made of reusable double-thread cotton that is hand washable, non-slip, sweat and water resistant and designed not to stick to your hair or skin.


Provides a controlled level of compression

Made from 100% double-thread

Strong, durable, and self-adhering

Ideal for people who want to stay fit and staying energized

Sweat and water resistant

Washable and reusable

Great choice for nurses, emergency crews, medical staff or anyone that endures long, strenuous shifts at work or play


Cut or tear to desired length. Wrap around desired body part and press to secure. Wrap my be tightened or loosened to suit user’s performance and comfort level. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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