Dome Weekly Bookkeeping Record

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Cash record keeping system for small businesses. Easy to use and comprehensive bookkeeping.


  • Calendar of important dates
  • Weekly record of income and expenses
  • Payroll section for up to 6 employees
  • Detachable summary sheet
  • Start date flexibility
  • Full Year
  • Size: 8.75″x11.25″

16 reviews for Dome Weekly Bookkeeping Record

  1. Customer Review

    My wife likes the monthly bookkeeping book very much and don’t want anything else!!

    Been using it for many years now as we have a small business and she likes doing books the old fashioned way.

    She doesn’t like computers!

  2. Customer Review

    My husband owns his own business and does his own bookkeeping. He has used the Dome Weekly Bookkeeping Record for years as a tool in helping prepare for tax time with our tax preparer. This year he went to our local Office Depot and Office Max to purchase a new record book and both stores informed him that they do not carry it any longer. My husband did not want to use another product and so we were so happy to actually discover your website and to know that we could still order the record keeping book on line. Your email updates were great – delivery was fast and the books arrived safely. Great follow through and you can be sure we’ll be ordering directly from Dome this year and in years to come. I will also recommend your company to my employer for our own office supplies.

  3. Customer Review

    I have used many different accounting tools to keep track of our business income and expenses and the Weekly Bookkeeping Record is the easiest and most accurate method I have come across.

  4. Carol Corston

    I was told the same thing at Office Max. They don’t carry it anymore…. I tried the computer edition last year but went back to my trusted book. 26 years in business NEVER a problem at the accountants office. NO red flags for the IRS either. LOVE the book!!!!!

  5. Larry W. Glenn

    Love this bookkeeping method!

  6. Joan Hewlett

    Have used this book for 35 years and love it! Easiest thing there is out there to keep track off everything for your business.

  7. Jon Rodgers

    Excellent product!

  8. adrian banuelos


  9. Lorna Ulak

    been using this book for 22 years now its great and easy to understand

  10. Bruce I.Ramoran

    It’s been with & used within my family much longer then I could even remember. But honestly actually read through one of the book keeping records, & seriously I too would like to do hands on learning without enrolling into college. I’ve already gone and already completed multi crash courses without any problems.which I’d honestly believe was really so ” Simple n Basic “…..

  11. inez oliva

    easy to use .been using last 5 years

  12. Bethers (verified owner)

    We have used the DOME for 16 years for our business as well as Quikbooks on the computer. I know that Quikbooks probably would work fine, but I just can’t get away from a hard, paper copy of my accounting receipts! I take it with me to our Accountant for our taxes yearly, and it does provide quick reference if he has a question about at item! I just love it!!! And I will continue to use it at long as we have this company!!

  13. Elizabeth Law

    Love your product!

  14. Garry Wilson

    the best most simple to keep your records

  15. Sharon Hardison (verified owner)

    When we started our business 10 years ago, the first thing our accountant said was to get the Dome Weekly Bookkeeping book. Well we did and have used it since. This book is great, especially when you work and help your husband with his business on the side. Thank you for keeping the book available on your site.

  16. Diane Moore Loman

    My small business is me! I’ve modified it over the years for my needs and it is great. Probably 6-7 used for multiple years. Excellent investment.

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