Dome Auto Mileage Log

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Easy to use log designed by Chartered Public Accountants to provide you with IRS recognized records for those who use their automobile for business purposes.


  • Record of miles, parking and tolls
  • Detachable year-end summary for tax advisor
  • Extra space for recording vital facts to provide adequate substantiation required by IRS
  • Flexible start date
  • Full year
  • Size:  3.25″x6.25″


10 reviews for Dome Auto Mileage Log

  1. Customer Review

    The Dome Auto Mileage Log and Expense Record book allows you to keep records as required by IRS for business (and other) mileage allowance. I’ve been using one of these books a year for many years. Office Supply stores seem to no longer carry them, so I order mine online.

  2. Customer Review

    While not a major player, the Dome Mileage/Expense Log is the best one I have ever found and used and have been using it for years. Easy to order and shipping was just fine. Office supply stores are missing the boat by not making the item readily available.

  3. Customer Review

    It is the best mileage book that i have ever had. I have used it every year for nearly 15 years.

  4. Customer Review

    Very good way to keep track of my mileage.

  5. Customer Review

    Been using for tax purposes for 5 years, and will continue its use for that purpose and personal budget and expenses, on and off the road. I don’t have to look for a piece of paper to write on, I log it in this product- Auto Mileage and Expense Record.

  6. Customer Review

    With room for 4 categories of use (if you also use the far right margin – I write small!) it does exactly what I need. No other on the market comes close. Thanks – keep producing it.

  7. Customer Review

    Been using it for 18 years ,its simple fast and organized.

  8. Jim Voelkel

    Good for record keeping

  9. Ian Shore

    I have been using the Dome Auto Mileage Log for 10 years. It sits right in my console so I can record my mileage as needed. It’s the best.

  10. Penny in CO (verified owner)

    We’ve been using these logs for many years now and keep one in each of our vehicles. We write small too! I summarize the monthly totals of the logs in an Excel spreadsheet, one summary per vehicle, then one grand total of the summaries – so easy & fast. (We have more than one business that we have mileage for.)

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