Dome Monthly Bookkeeping Record

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Cash record keeping system for small businesses. Easy to use and comprehensive bookkeeping.


  • Calendar of important dates
  • Monthly record of income and expenses
  • Payroll section for up to 6 employees
  • Detachable summary sheet
  • Start date flexibility
  • Full Year
  • Size: 8.75″x11.25″

30 reviews for Dome Monthly Bookkeeping Record

  1. Customer Review

    Very quick service.

  2. Customer Review

    I have been getting this Monthly Bookkeeping Record for about 5 years now and I like it very much. Is very easy to use and has everything in it that I like a lot. Only thing that I don’t enjoy, the column that is already printed where you put the amount spent for that month. I don’t use a lot of the ones printed and blank out the ones I don’t use. That would be a lot easier to use if I could write in the name of the expense I do use. That is why I gave it a 5 star rating anyway because it isn’t very time consuming to change the names already printed on the page, to whatever I use and put it there. Otherwise, it is a very great book for keeping the monthly record of income and expenses all in one place. Helps when it comes tax time too as it also has a place to put all the information your tax filer may need to figure out what you owe or may not owe. Would recommend this bookkeeping book to anyone who wants to keep a monthly record to keep your monthly expense budget just fine.

  3. Customer Review

    We have been using this Dome monthly bookkeeping book for many many years. We bought it from Staples or Office Max in the past. They do not carry it any more. Thank you for making it still available.

  4. Customer Review

    I have used and recommended the Dome Monthly Record for many years. It is an excellent system, does not require any knowledge of accounting, and does not require the use of a computer.

  5. Customer Review

    I have and run a small business.

    I have used copies of this book for more than 11 years (which the title of this review says) but don’t know exactly how long I have used it? Because I destroyed the copies that pre-dated 2005 in an office cleaning frenzy!

    I am the worlds worst bookkeeper. The Dome Simplified Monthly Bookkeeping Record is so easy to use, anybody capable of writing a check, can use it.

    And, if you want to take this process one step further, then after filling out the book, draw yourself a pie (circle) and then divide it up into the percentages of money you spent in different categories.

    This percentage pie will give you a good visual image of where your money went, and also when compared with previous years, puts the economics of your current year in perspective.

    If I can use this book, you can also!

    On a separate note, my Office Max/Office Depot no longer carries this. I’m sure glad the decision makers on their board of directors are not working for me!!


    Robert Walsh

  6. Customer Review

    My wife likes the monthly bookkeeping book very much and don’t want anything else!!

    Been using it for many years now as we have a small business and she likes doing books the old fashioned way.

    She doesn’t like computers!

  7. Debra Shults

    I have been using dome monthly bookkeeping records for over 30 years wouldn’t do it any other way. To many risks on the computer and you will always have your records for years to come…Thank you Dome!

  8. Terry Horstmann

    Thanks Again

  9. Jerome Tucker

    Been using this product for 28 years. Thank you.

  10. marlin r lambert

    great record book for small business.

  11. Andre Davis

    Must have material for me

  12. Andre Davis

    Must have for my business

  13. Andre Davis


  14. Rex Housley

    Been using the monthly for years

  15. Evan’s Auto Clinic

    Used for years love it

  16. Andrew Jaussi

    Used this book for many, many years. Love it.

  17. Andrew Jaussi

    used it for many, many years. love it.

  18. dennis lovell

    have used the dome book for many years, thanks

  19. dennis lovell

    we have used dome book for years!

  20. Jay Munsell

    Very easy to use for the small business owner

  21. Beth LaCuran

    Great books for small businesses

  22. Beth LaCuran

    very simple and easy to use

  23. Ly Nguyen

    I have been used this book for 27 years. Very simple an easy to use.Ly

  24. Ly Nguyen

    Good book for small business

  25. liz Blaquiere

    I have been using this book for 3 years . The only issue I have is the ledger where the totals are listed , we don’t use some of the expenses so wish they had a way to customize it to fit the bussness. or have blank tables to print out. I made some to put over the items we don’t use.

  26. john lavair

    perfect books great to use have used them since 1975 in my business plan on ordering more this year thanks a million for such a great product . sincerely john c lavair pres lavair s sales massena ny

  27. Tusei Electric

    excellent, I have been using this monthly bookkeeping ledger for over 30 years and I like its simplicity! Keep publishing it.

  28. Bob Sluss (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Dome Monthly bookkeeping record for 35 years now. My business is such that computer/software based solutions would not be any more efficient or cost effective (even though my income is in six digits), so I’m glad this is still available. Keep it coming!

  29. milsred byrd

    this is the only book i use

  30. allen w. rasmussen

    I have used your 612 book for years and really like it for my business.

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