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Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX 10 or later. Our Simplified Booking Keeping Record software is a digitally updated version of the Dome Monthly (612) and Weekly (600) Bookkeeping Systems.


  • Both Mac and Windows compatible
  • Safe – backup data to local devices
  • Run weekly or monthly reporting
  • Allows entry of checks and expenses, sales adjustments, payroll checks
  • Running bank balance
  • Simplified payroll tracking
  • Multiple bank accounts, unlimited transactions
  • View or print out reports on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Check printing
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Maintenance of multiple companies
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • 9,999 income and expense accounts
  • Annual subscription based
  • Instructional support videos at

57 reviews for Dome Simplified Bookkeeping Download

  1. Customer Review

    Very easy to use. The renewal process is very simple, reasonably priced and very easy to use.

  2. Customer Review

    I have been transitioning out of my +10 year old notebook into a new system 7 machine. I have been using the XP version of the Dome Bookkeeping software since 2011 and it works just fine. I have just finished installing and getting caught up with the new version and I must say it works much better. It has all the same functionality of the old version but it is much easier to use and enter data.

  3. Customer Review

    I used the book product 20 years ago. It is a good effective tool. I went in a different direction several years later. When my computer system crashed, I started looking for a program replacement. I have recommended Dome to other small business operators, so I followed my own advice. I am ajusting to the simplicity after using more expensive programs. It IS cost effective and provides the basic information tax preparers need and managers can use. Good, Efficient, Simple, Cost effective.

  4. Customer Review

    I used Dome Bookkeeping ledgers for years for our small business until computers came along. I love the Dome software because it is so easy to use. I’ve used the back up several times when transfering to a new computer and haven’t had any trouble reloading it.

    I love the reports as they are simple and make gathering my Schedule C tax info easy.

    I’ve tried other popular bookkeeping software programs and found them too confusing. I hope Dome always keeps this program available or I’d be sunk.

    Good customer support too!

  5. Customer Review

    I have use Dome for years and it is easy to use and get the job done. I do not use all the features of dome so it’s probably even more effective but I only use it to keep track of my income and receipts. That is what I like, It’s easy and simple to use…

  6. Customer Review

    I have used the old Dome program for years and for my needs still prefer it. Still this one is simple and has a few more abilities. Just be sure to always check to make sure you are in the correct month before you work!

  7. Customer Review

    Been using dome accounting since 1993 with month at a glance. Moved To beaded around 1996 and dome based. Then Mac base when it came out. Have looked at other accounting software, but NONE are as user friendly as Dome.

  8. Customer Review

    A few small things I would like to see changed, but overall an extremely good program! I have used it for MANY years.

    Simple to use. Very good reports. Plenty of room for multiple accounts. Love it!!!

  9. Customer Review

    I’ve used Dome books for all of the 26 years I’ve been in business. I loved it when they began offering the software to keep up my records. I’m all about keeping it simple for me to present to my accountant each year. It makes my appointment go quickly & almost painless……

  10. Customer Review

    Program very simple to use and follows the old Dome recorder to a “T”. But, when it messes up you’ll loose your religion quickly. 2 years in a row now, when entering MDSE and MATERIALS, the program directed the numbers to another account. Just what the Dr. ordered late on a Sunday night mid way into the tax season. Personally I’m too challenged and intimidated by computers to make the corrections without calling tech support at Dome. Guess what, their hours are the same as mine and when I get home, yep, they are home too.

  11. Customer Review

    Simple; good; easy to work with…

  12. Customer Review

    I like this dome book for computer. I still have a little trouble updating to the new year, and keeping accounts from previous year. Otherwise this program is perfect for it’s simplicity, and ease of use for basic bookkeeping.I called twice with questions and was responded to in a timely manner.

  13. Customer Review

    This is a very simple program that I have used for 3 years and I keep learning more ways to manipulate it to my needs. In my opinion it would get 5 stars if they had more comprehensive online tutorials. You have to figure out a lot on your on. Otherwise great product with easy learning curve. I have tried the big name softwares and the learning curve on there products is just way to time consuming.

  14. Customer Review

    System is great – however the code to get into the program was confusing – should I enter an O or zero.

    Editors note:
    All registration codes have only zero’s. I recommend cutting and pasting the code. Easier and more accurate than typing.

  15. Customer Review

    I have used DOME for over 16 years. Last year, 2016, was the first time that I had used the software. It is so much easier and definitely time consuming. Thank you DOME!!!

  16. Customer Review


  17. Customer Review

    Very basic software package. Easy enough to navigate in and set up. Sometimes the entries are a little tricky, account number and/or doesn’t stay in field. Reports can’t be formatted to fit your data entry so some descriptions, etc are cut short. Would like to format column widths and paper layout for reports. Also having problem with getting a back up that is issuable. File extension can’t be opened.

  18. Customer Review

    Finally a simple to use bookkeeping system without all the whistles and bells I don’t need. Love it.

  19. Customer Review

    After 40 some years, going from manual (paper) to now electronic the the Dome Simplified has been very easy for me to use. there have been very few changes through out the years, so I do not have to learn the program over again. At 78 years, this has been a easy program for me.Simplified is the key word.

  20. Customer Review

    love the program. been using it for years.

    With this new subscription model, I was hoping for a couple features I could really use.
    The ability to use Copy/paste and also allow of ingesting .xls excel files. hope they consider them.

  21. Customer Review

    Very simple to use I’ve been using Done products for 30 years for two different kinds of businesses and my accountant loves the details I bring in at tax time. There is so much you can do and quickly without taking a course, thanks Dome

  22. Customer Review

    I am a retired tax accountant with a good number of rental properties. I had an expensive accounting program that I used for many years with my clients and for personal. It quit on me several months ago and I have looked around fairly extensively. Dome Simplified Bookkeeping software program does a great job of providing simple, concise, entry of all your transactions. The reports are quite adequate and will definitely provide your tax preparer the information needed to prepare your income tax returns while reducing the fees they charge. You can customize the ledger accounts to fit your business and they carryforward
    to future years automatically. Very very easy to use!!!

    I tried a couple of the “free” programs out of curiousity. They are ridiculously set up, not easy, and sometimes not really free. This program at $59 is an absolute bargain and yearly renewals are only $19.95. I can remember recommending the Dome Recordkeeping Book to many of my small business clients back in the 60’s & 70’s. It is a great product that will save you a lot of time. For this price I did not expect very much help with any questions. However, I had one question concerning the account carryforward because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time setting up custom accounts if they would disappear the next year. I emailed Dome on a Sunday and received a return email on Monday morning before 9 am. Their answer was that the accounts would be carried forward to the following years, and so, would not have to be set up again each year. Unbelievable that I got a response that quick!!


  23. Customer Review

    I have used Dome for over a decade. This is my 1st time to use the new Dome. At this time all I can say is its going to take time to learn the proper procedures. But so far, so good

    Allen Butcher

  24. Customer Review

    I have used the Dome Software for my business for years and recently upgraded to this newest version. I am very happy with the updates made to the software. Everything works well. I would have liked a feature to important my past accounting from the previous Dome software edition – I hope this feature is added soon.

  25. Customer Review

    I have been using Dome bookkeeping for many years . Simple to use and gives me a report at the end of the year for my tax return. It used to come on a disk and could be used for several years. Now a yearly fee for the download.

  26. Customer Review

    The software could use the ability to work with more OS and with more than 1 pc or mac. Also could use more reporting ability. (weekly totals, monthly totals etc).

    Editors note:
    The program works with the Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as Mac os 10.x.
    You can get totals by clicking on the totals button by either the week or month. If you want totals for other periods you can print a report for that time frame.

  27. Customer Review

    This product is an answer to prayer. not overly complicated and the support system is awesome. I have had several reasons to call the support team just to see if I could reconfigure parts of this very well done accounting system to fit our needs as an organization and not a business. We were able to work it out in a short time. The reports that print out are simple and straight forward and make since to everyone.

  28. Customer Review

    Just started working with the Dome software. It works great for my simple small business. I had their previous software and just updated to this. Great improvement.

  29. Customer Review

    I would like to see a save option so I can save a PDF if I like or whatever.

    Editors note: Built into printing portion of Mac is a PDF button which will create a pdf of anything you try to print. For a PC you can either print to the XPS printer or load a pdf printer onto your system and print any document to that printer.

  30. Customer Review

    We have used the book format of the Dome Book product for years, but just discovered the online version, I’ve been using this for a few days now and am pleased with it. It would be nice to have the ability to sort entries by dates rather than having to enter each item manually by date. But overall, it is what I expected and am pleased with my purchase.

  31. Customer Review

    I like the Dome program. We have no payroll, just use it to keep up with receipts and expenses, simple and easy to understand.

  32. Customer Review

    I used the older version for years. Had to get the new version because of an updated computer. Love the new version very easy to use and the repeat of company names saves valuable time.

    Highly recommend this software for a small business!

  33. Customer Review

    I really enjoy the Dome software product, so does my accountant, but having difficulty getting renewal software to activate and getting frustrated with what seemingly should be a pretty basic operation.

    Editors Notes:
    You will receive an email with the activation code. When you do click on the menu option Help and the sub menu Register to enter the activation code.

  34. Customer Review

    Love, love ,love it!

    I have been using the book version since 2000. Really saves time.

    Great for my small business.

  35. Customer Review

    I was very happy to find out that I would not have to purchase a new software program. I just had to renew my existing and continue on with my entries. Great Product

  36. Customer Review

    I just finished my first year with this program and it worked great for me. It simplified things for me tremendously.

  37. Sal

    So Easy

  38. Pamela Bentley

    I used Dome several years ago and it worked well. Now I’m an independent care giver and thee pages fly inputting them into no more adding columns. Thank you Dome. Easy, fast and no brainer.




  40. Liza Quitoriano (verified owner)

    i have the older version of the old dome bookkeeping that I used for year and finally I got a new computer and download it from the web page. When i print the tax breakdown report, i have problems with the amount. The current total and the year to date total almost double. This is the only year i have on the software. please advise

  41. info1

    Kerry Anderson, Thermo-Bond Inc December 28 2018.I have a small business and have been using Dome Bookkeeping system for over 20 years. I have been using the bookkeeping software for 5 years now. So easy to use and only one small payment renewal fee per year. Even my accountant is impressed and has recommended it to several of his clients.

  42. Chris Corrigan

    I started with Dome in 1976 when I opened my first business and it is the only method I have used ever since. I updated to the computer software when it became available and never looked back. I love this product. It makes tax filing easy and has worked for an IRS audit, too. I have to purchase the newest version for this year and hope its as good as its predecessors. T

  43. Joy Trawick

    Great Program!

  44. Homer D Trevino (verified owner)


  45. Homer D Trevino (verified owner)


  46. Homer D Trevino (verified owner)

    easy to work with

  47. Homer D Trevino (verified owner)

    easy to use

  48. Dale Gordon

    Great Product

  49. john PERCALA


  50. Roger Sundby

    Used the old hand entry system for many years. Found it extremely functional for a small cash business. Simple, yet professional. Leaves a great audit trail for both the user and outside audit sources. Now at 76 years old I’m switching to the electronic version. So, I’m putting both myself and DOME to “the test.” Wish both of us luck.

  51. BILL ABAD (verified owner)

    New version cannot copy and paste, the cursor jumps around and if your not watching, information is entered in the wrong place.. I like the old version better which I will go back to next year

  52. P. Baker

    I have been using Dome since 1988 book version then software when it came out. It would be perfect if we could have a true check register and bank reconciliation and not just a running bank total. Also I am having trouble finding checks to print with the new online version. But I do love the simple process. New online version does not have payroll tax table capability, you have to enter everything your self. Some simple changes would make this perfect for ALL companies.

  53. Carlos Sanchez


  54. Homer D Trevino (verified owner)


  55. Ron (verified owner)

    Day 2 can not give a very good review. Have the software download and installed on iMac, however, it does not open. I have checked firewall and all the settings I can to allow software to access computer, web and software. Dome certainly does not make it easy. If they respond perhaps I will update my review.

  56. Bob M.

    I started with Dome in 1992 using the paper books. I really liked the format, just hated having to use “whiteout” when an entry error was made. Changing to the original (DOS) software was really easy as it was exactly like the books. Then, I later upgraded to the Windows version and it was slightly different but still like an old friend. It’s worked great for me every year since EXCEPT this year when, after closing out November, it crashed. My policy always had been, “Do a backup for each Sales Tax reporting session, i.e. Jan- June and July – December” so I lost July – November… 🙁 It was not horrible re-entering those 5 months as I am very familiar with the procedures after all these years. Now I back up after each month. I am still using the original Windows version (a “buy” rather than annual subscription) and it’s working fine with Windows 10. I am a bit disappointed that Dome has “gone the way” of Microsoft and many other companies where they won’t sell you the software, they require a subscription. I’m sticking with the one I have now until Windows 11 or whatever won’t run it and then I’ll have to “bite the bullet” and subscribe with the newest version. Regardless, for my simple sole proprietorship, this is the BEST bookkeeping software. I gave 4 stars only because of the current annual subscription requirement.

  57. homer Trevino (verified owner)


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