Healit Health&Fitness EayRipTrainersTape


Our EasyRip™ Trainer’s Tape is a
professional grade adhesive tape that is
lightweight and non-slip support.

Preparation leads to better performance, which is why we have created products that allow for optimal comfort and injury prevention before you start to train. Our EasyRip™ Trainer’s Tape is lightweight and professional grade and is used in conjunction with our PRO-FOAM® product as a starting point for training confidence. Our products ensure that you are able to perform knowing that your equipment and cooperative wrap systems won’t let you down.


Professional-grade adhesive tape made from a poly-blend cotton

Provides secondary bandage support

Reduces range of motion when treating or recovering from an injury

Protects and prevents unnecessary strain by keeping muscles and tendons firm

Secure padding, cooperative wraps & equipment in place

Works to secure our PRO-FOAM® to areas of the body that need foam protection


Wrap around part of the body or piece of equipment as required and tear to desired length. Press to secure.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Not made with rubber latex


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